The world's first old-school shooter publication!


At E1M1 Magazine, we're addicted to old-school FPS games. From the second we got our hands on the classics at a young age, we were completely hooked – and still over two decades down the line we regularly run through Quake, DOOM and Duke Nukem (among many others) like it's nobody's business.  

E1M1 is the culmination of years spent in gaming journalism across a whole host of websites, podcasts, radio shows and magazines. Our writers have years of experience under their belts - e.g. VG Almanac, RetroFormat, Arcade Attack, Siren Radio, Funstock Retro, and more – and now are aiming to create the go-to source for the classic first-person shooter genre. 




"E1M1 is the source for revisiting classic shooters as well as discovering upcoming throwbacks you may not have heard of yet. Each issue is a time capsule waiting to be revealed."

- Stephen Kick, Nightdive Studios CEO


"E1M1 is much more than a simple trip down memory lane, it's a celebration of a style that never went out of fashion. Whether you're in the mood for a retrospective, reading about the next generation of retro-inspired shooters or even looking for games that may otherwise have passed you by, E1M1 is absolutely well worth the read."

- Mr. Icarus, FPS Streamer

"Looks like a neat homage and showcase of cool games, which I dig."

- Andrew Hulshult, Video Game Composer and Sound Designer

"Visually brilliant, descriptively vibrant without much fluff, E1M1 Magazine is the best game review magazine I've ever seen. If you're looking for great 'Should I buy this game?' articles, E1M1 is your source. Highly recommended."

- Lee Jackson, Video Game Composer

"I like the name."

- John Romero, Co-Creator of DOOM and Quake


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