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Combat Labs - FPS Radar

No two rounds are the same.

A fast-paced, PS1-styled movement shooter in which you are pitted against an opponent of identical technical ability - except every round, the load-outs are randomised.

Each round reveals a random weapon out of a number of individually designed guns.

Your load-out will consist of:

  • A Primary weapon.

  • A Secondary weapon (in the form of a laser beam that has a specific behaviour on impact with a surface, such as an explosion, or stunning the opponent momentarily).

  • An Ability, which lasts for 5 seconds and ranges from super speed, to double damage.

Frantically challenge your opponent's movement and aiming skill in one of 5 themed maps. 2 of which contain dynamic elements and feature a 4-player mode, allowing 2 other players to join the fight.

Memorise each weapon and master the movement in a demanding PvP combat game where the weapons are randomised each round. Play against friends or online in either a 1v1 duel or 4 player free-for-all on selected maps.

Who will win? It only depends on your luck with your load-out.

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