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Cyber-Cat - FPS Radar


The ancient dark lord Venemos has awakened, and has overtaken the Land of Eternal Happiness. He has raised the greatest army the realm has ever seen and slaughtered all who refused to bend the knee. In desperation, the High Council has called upon the legendary warrior Cyber-Cat to end his reign and restore peace.

Released from his perpetual torment, his rage grew to an indescribable state after the extinction of his species, the public torture of his family, and the desolation brought to the realm he swore to protect. Cyber-Cat will stop at nothing to get vengeance, and defeat Venemos, the one responsible for it all. He will not relent until he achieves his goal, destroying anyone or anything that stands in his way.


  • Fast-paced FPS gameplay

  • A variety of enemy types with unique abilities

  • Multi-chaptered campaign

  • Intense boss fights

More Info Coming Soon!

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