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What happens when a game is dead but someone still wants to play? You are dragged into the latest effort to keep Arena FPS alive. When a 30-yo wizard resorts to magic to perform necromancy on an entire dead genre, you and other souls got ripped from your eternal rest to impersonate the stereotypes of 90s shooters and frag each other. Unfortunately for you, someone had to fill the "sexy chick" quota. Will you prove to be the best? Will you crush your enemies? Or will you just flip the wizard off and try to go back to rest? Shoot your way out in story-driven Retro-FPS that takes inspiration from beloved titles like Unreal Tournament '99 and Quake 3 without taking itself too seriously.

Classic AFPS elements return: equip different weapons such as nailgun, shotgun, grenade launcher, and strafe jump through the map to kill those poor souls (sic)!

Choose your own path: multiple endings available depending on your choices. Remember, this is an Adventure game just as much as it's an AFPS!

An expanding cast of friends and foes, neither of which particularly bright

  • Mothership Loudspeakerz: art, story, programming

  • HAARP: main programming, story

  • Zalseon: story, dialogues Follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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