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Dead Ice - FPS Radar

In the future, humans conquered the stars and colonized other planets.

In the bowels of the icy planet, scientists have discovered nature and a safe source of energy.

"Cryotope" - it was mined and sold to other planets as a resource.

But at the same time awakened the ancient alien life form - it kills people.

Volunteers come to the rescue. Raider clans do not recognize the Planetary Council and the Space National Guard.

2288 - There is a war on the planet.

- To get acquainted with the game, there is a plot part.

- Single-user plot.

- PVP mode - 10 locations. 3 teams.

1. Each player for himself.

2. Team against team.

- To win the game, you must complete the task. Different tasks in different locations.

- In the game you find the weapon yourself.

Weapon: AR15 - This semi-automatic rifle is well rounded, equipped with optics with a red dot and a magnifying glass.

Good accuracy, short and medium range optics.

AKM - Assault Rifle.

Although this old war horse has seen better days and has no more modern weapons.

B810 - This quick-release knife may be small but capable of a frantic barrage of attacks.

It can be held with the blade forward or backward, for a slight exchange of power.

M29S - Don't be fooled by the miniature size,

this snub-nosed revolver with a .44 magnum has a serious blow.

M67 - Primarily intended as a protective weapon to deter persecution,

there is no rule that says you can't use this fragmentation hand grenade,

to start the party!

Mk18 - This "soup carbine" with a length of 5.66x45 mm has the firepower of an assault rifle in a package the size of a submachine gun.

Fast control, fully automatic and equipped with illuminated optics with red dots, this weapon is ideal for close combat.

The bubble rate of fire reflects a lot of lead, but this can be difficult to control.

To this end, it is able to conduct semi-automatic fire for accurate operation and hitting targets at a greater distance.

Mk19T - This iconic, two-tone beauty is both a symbol of status and a weapon.

This pistol holds 8 + 1 rounds of public ammunition

.44 magnum and equipped with a bright front sight for improved aiming in all lighting conditions.

R870 - This short-barreled rifle, powered by a pump, has numerous tactical modifications, including illuminated optics to quickly capture the target.

Despite the limited power of up to 5 + 1 rounds, it fires the full power of 9-grenade, 12-caliber ammunition.

The powerful recoil of a weapon is best mitigated when it is at the shoulder.

Thus, this weapon is able to have a much faster rhythm of fire when aiming.

SledgeHammer - as simple as possible, this weapon consists of 16 pounds. forged steel block paired with impact-resistant fiberglass handle.

This slow tool copes well with the destruction of physical barriers,

and for users with a reasonable lifespan, it also makes a formidable melee weapon.

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