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FISH Person Shooter - FPS Radar

A retro FPS inspired by the likes of DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, but with fishes! Actually, fishmen... that are also pirates! Show that seafood who's the boss! HOOK AND REEL THEIR GUTS!


The pseudo Caribbean island of San Esteban was invaded by the fishmen pirates of Captain Black Whiskers! The island population is not happy about it with all the killing and enslaving of humans. But there is hope! A new hero has arrived, they call him "The Pescador". A mysterious burly fisherman with a hook for a hand and a natural talent for killing fishmen.


  • Fast movement and intense fish shooting action!

  • A hookshot that can pull yourself and other things.

  • Unique enemies based on fishes, crustaceans, mollusks and sea creatures in general!

  • Handcrafted levels by crafted hand!

  • Graphics that you can see with your eyes!!!

  • A soundtrack full of swing inspired by Brazilian and Latin-american rhythms!

  • Secret things to find in each level!

  • Dozens of fish related puns!

  • A lot of weapons! Like, 7! Maybe even more!

  • A shrimp that can be used as a weapon!

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