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Jurassic Attack - FPS Radar

Have you ever thought of being in the world of the Jurassic period? Have you ever dreamt to feel all fears and surprises those times? To run away from bloodthirsty dinosaurs or hunt them? Then this is your game!

Jurassic Attack - is a dizzy 3D shooter with surviving and hardcore elements during the Jurassic period. The main point of the game includes that you will have to survive among bloodthirsty lizards having minimal resources. During the game you will meet various dinosaurs starting with the weakest and ending the strongest ones – tyrannosauruses. To confront them you can use different kinds of guns which you are given at the beginning of the game.

Don’t think it will be easy for you. You will look for ammos, aid kits and other items – without them you won’t in the game. Search for locations, fight with dinosaurs, collect items. You will have unforgettable impressions from the game!

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