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Strike Commando - FPS Radar

1967, Vietnam

The intellignece has discovered new info about communists preparing new experimental weapon that could change the course of the war. Judging by it, among all the other new inventions that are already being used by the communists in Vietnam, there is a killer cyborg codenamed "Jakota". The U.S. government had sent the most badass sonuvabitch of the U.S. Army, Murphy Ransom, to kill this ungodly creature. However, his helicopter has been shot down on its' way to the LZ... But Murphy is not THAT easy to kill, he easily survived the crash and proceeded to execute his mission! Prepare for: -Hordes of enemies -Classic Vietnam War atmosphere -Booby-trapped environments -Dynamic gameplay -Energetic soundtrack made by the veterans of musical front Inspired by such B-movie classics as: Strike Commando (1987), Robowar (1988), Deadly Prey (1987), The Last American Soldier (1988) and Southern Comfort (1981).

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