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VRG - FPS Radar

VRG was influenced by FPS such as Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus and Titanfall.But the game progression is as old school shooter . There are 5 levels and 1 secret level per episode.

  • KillCombo and gib

Killing an enemy will increase the "KillCombo" and decrease the movement speed, gathering rate, and recoil. You can maintain that by eating pieces of meat that are scattered when you defeat the enemy.The higher the number of combos, the more enemies will scatter pieces of meat, but the "KillComboGauge" will decrease faster and become more difficult to maintain.

  • DualWield

You can divide the weapon into left and right by pressing the primary or secondary fire while holding down the weapon selection key. The primary is the left hand and the secondary is the right hand.

  • Lean, crouch, sliding and wallrun

Use lean or during crouching or sliding or wall running will make the "Reticle" smaller and easier to aiming. Make good use of these to earn "KillCombo" and get rid of your enemies at once with "DualWield".

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