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A selection of FPS songs by the boomer shooter community, including the original version of 'Plasma' from Duke Nukem 3D by Lee Jackson. This compilation has been edited in 2024, and now includes a new selection of songs alongside some radio edits, updated information, and a new album cover.




  1. Breathelast - Sinking Ships [Instrumental] (Hedon)
  2. Forwyrd - Vizier (Dimensional Slaughter)
  3. Immorpher - Athiýozúá Ejuky Üd [Edit] (Hurt for DOOM II)
  4. Roger Creus and Logan Mayhew - Hard As A Cannon [E1M1 Mix] (Darkenstein 3D)
  5. Markie Music - Signal to Slaughter (Viscerafest)
  6. Død Beverte - retroninjacyberassassin Medley
  7. John S. Weekley - Bloodstained Hallows (Dread Templar)
  8. Jerry Lehr - Montu (Project Warlock)
  9. Michael Klaus Schmidt - Dancing Bloom [Edit] (Paradox Vector)
  10. xDenny8 - Main Menu [Early Version] (Sinned)
  11. Akhzul - No Way Out [Edit] (Hedon: Bloodrite)
  12. Eyaura - Boomtown Anthem (G-String)
  13. Kalle "Kaapeli47" Soittila - Intermission from Insanity Deathmatch
  14. Fredrik Rojas - BUFF Trailer [Extended Mix]
  15. Nightrous - Sector 3 (MONARCH)
  16. Fredrik Thrysoe - Penance
  17. Mike Norvak - Last Man Standing [Edit] (DNF 2013)
  18. Eric Freeman - Feudal Japan Rock (Abysm 2: Spirit Falcon)
  19. Evan Prince - Safe Room 1 [Dismantled 2]
  20. Lee Jackson - Original Plasma (Duke Nukem 3D)


*Tracks in italics denote a new inclusion, or a newly edited track, for this updated release.

Boomer Shooter Beats - E1M1 Magazine (2024 Version)

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