Once again, this lightweight bonus copy is filled with nothing but meaty cuts -- those being an exclusive selection of reviews and features. Mods like Ion Fury X Turok and Grim Borough for Chasm: The Rift get the spotlight, as well as retro titles like Virtua Cop 2, Unreal II and the classic Kingpin: Life of Crime. 


Of course, we mix things up with some modern FPS goodness, including titles that you may have heard of before, alongside a few others that are probably completely new to you. Nevertheless, we’ve got the official verdicts on titles like ELDERBORN, This Strange Realm of Mine, and Putrefaction 2: Void Walker.


Rounding off this bonus magazine is an exclusive review of the second Shadow Warrior novel, You Only Die Twice, as well as book 2 of the nineties DOOM novel series. Bet you’re holding your breath in anticipation to find out which is best, huh? In any case, talented mappers Jerry and re-fund discuss making maps for Chasm: The Rift in a fascinating interview.

E1M1 Magazine - Bonus Issue #2 (Digital)