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Bonus Issue #4 (formerly Mini Issue #2) and Redux Issue #1 (containing re-reviewed and updated content from Issues #13 to #15 and Bonus #3) have been bundled together and given a bit of a nip-and-tuck, cutting out some filler and editing backgrounds, layouts, etc.


If you've received the original versions as fundraiser gifts before, email us and we'll send you free copies. No purchase required.

Featuring articles by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr, Ed H., Matthew Simmons, Dave Kensington, Ciara P., and Kendall Tisinger.


Bonus Issue #4 cover art by ExaltedArchvile. Fan art by @Nzzez, @stggc, Otávio ‘Grilo’ Caniato, @Ramsteinner_Me, Substance20 and @LustfulDreams5. Emii mascot art by Ephssis (@Ephssis_art). Produced and edited (and then re-edited some more) by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr. Special thanks to everyone who donated to our fundraisers - you helped make this possible.

E1M1 Magazine - Bonus & Redux Bundle #1 (Digital)

£5.00 Regular Price
£2.50Sale Price
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