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Once again, E1M1 has risen up from its slumber to get back in the swing of things with what we love the most: playing and writing about first-person shooters. A whole assortment of titles are featured here, from the flamboyant ‘humour-shooter’ Fashion Police Squad to the acclaimed Gloomwood. But that’s not all, we’re mixing things up with new content: now we’re writing about music, accessories, our first ever boomer shooter experiences, and more. We hope you enjoy what we’ve got on offer here – and so does our mascot, Emii!


The E1M1 writing team is: Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr, Jan S., Ed H., Matthew Simmons, Dave Kensington, Ciara P., Alex Kurikh, Dave Bridgewater, Adam Frank, Andrew Oyston, Nenad Radunovic, and Kendall Tisinger.

Fan art by Noah Sandy, Yorick and Nelson Forero. Cover art by DreamTears (@LustfulDreams5). Emii the E1M1 mascot by Ephssis (@Ephssis_art).

Edited and produced by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr. Additional proofreading by Matthew Simmons. A HUGE special thanks goes out to our SUPER donors: Blake McGrath, Tim Clinkscales, and Daniel Tauoa!

E1M1 Magazine - Issue #16 (Digital)

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