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At long last, here’s the last of the main trio of issues from the latest season of E1M1 Magazine. Voidborn and Darkenstein previews, CULTIC and Impaler reviewed, retro titles like Halo 2 and Deus Ex: Invisible War getting covered, and a whole assortment of bonus features to enjoy as well! And, hey, wait a minute, who gave Emii an RPG? Oh, well. In any case, dear readers, we hope you’ll have just as much fun reading this while she spends her time blowing things up.

The E1M1 writing team is: Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr, Jan S., Ed H., Matthew Simmons, Dave Kensington, Ciara P., Alex Kurikh, Dave Bridgewater, Adam Frank, Andrew Oyston, Nenad Radunovic, and Kendall Tisinger.


Fan art by @stealyourmeal, @ApexArts, Goblin Zach and OwlBiscuit. Emii the E1M1 mascot by Ephssis (@Ephssis_art). Cover art by DreamTears (@LustfulDreams5).


Edited and created by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr. Additional proof-reading by Matthew Simmons. A HUGE special thanks goes out to our SUPER donors: Blake McGrath, Tim Clinkscales, and Daniel Tauoa!

E1M1 Magazine - Issue #18 (Digital)

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