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This is it – the grand finale. E1M1 has been paying tribute to the fantastic FPS community for years now, and now we’re ready to hit the exit switch and close this chapter. Not without one last big bang of content, of course! In this issue, you can find all sorts of content, ranging from review of titles like Turbo Overkill and Diluvian Ultra, to retro reviews on Nitemare 3D and TNT Evilution for DOOM II. So, don’t cry (or celebrate, if you hate us) just yet! Let’s have some fun first!

The E1M1 writing team is: Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr, Jan S., Matthew Simmons, Dave Kensington, Alex Kurikh, Dave Bridgewater, John Lowe, Delano Cuzzucoli, Aleksander Wroniak, Marc Rigg, Luci Schwarz, Nenad Radunovic, Connor A. Brumby, Marco Roganovic, and Kendall Tisinger. Fan art by Cabbage (@Ncalabby), @snowycityart, and Tainted Slav. Cover art by DreamTears (@LustfulDreams5). Emii the E1M1 mascot design by Ephssis (@Ephssis_art) Produced and edited by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr.

E1M1 Magazine - Issue #19 (Digital)

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