The third season of E1M1 is not just going out with a bang, we’re going off like an explosion from a BFG. First off, we’ve got previews, 25 of them. From Trench Foot and Tempt to Turbo Overkill and The House of the Dead Remake, there are so many upcoming titles that you’re going to be very excited for. There’s also retro reviews of Chasm: The Rift and Alien Trilogy, alongside modern titles like Apostle 3D and Death Rattle: Hell Unleashed. We’ve even got Serious Sam and Perfect Dark mods to critique as well.


But it’s not all just reviews and sneak peaks. You can expect special editorials on 

The History of D!Zone (i.e. the infamously bad and illegal DOOM map packs that became inexplicably popular in the nineties) and the unreleased but highly innovative title AMEN: The Awakening. A lot of research went into these, and we’re sure you’re going to walk away surprised.


There’s even interviews with the Aussie boomer shooter critic Gmanlives, and Cacoward-winning map maker Bridgeburner -- the two shed a bit of light on their careers, popularity, and everything in between. You can find out all sorts of cool details about Project Warlock II in our chat with Buckshot Software as well.

E1M1 Magazine - Issue #9 (Digital)