E1M1 Magazine's community-made album is made up of 23 original tracks from our talented fans, and features a wide arrange of genres, from Heavy Metal and Trance to Electronica and Ambience. Partially inspired by the soundtracks of old school FPS titles, it features tracks by Primeval, Lee Jackson, Mike Norvak, TweakerRay, and much more!


  • ‘Demo Disc (E1M1 Remix by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr)’ - Primeval

  • ‘Quad Damage’ - TweakerRay

  • ‘I Know Ka-Razy! (E1M1 Version)’ - David P.F.

  • ‘Quake World’ - Fredrik Thrysoe

  • ‘Awokkon’ - Immorpher

  • ‘Manipulator (Resist For Record Sales Instrumental Remix by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr)’ - XENOBEAT

  • ‘Ammo Pool’ - L'adila

  • ‘Animated Inanimate [Cheogh]’ - Agent Ataraxia

  • ‘Netherworld’ - Dacker

  • ‘Artifacts (E1M1 Mix)’ - Mike Norvak

  • ‘Get My Shotgun’ -  Abysmal Music

  • ‘Theme For a Fake Person Shooter’ - Fredrik Rojas

  • ‘Big Tech’ - Floating Door

  • ‘Red Planet’ - The Bread Scientists

  • ‘Awakened’ - Immorpher

  • ‘Gunplay’ - Vladislav Zharkov

  • ‘Ctrl/Alt/Del’ - Zleap

  • ‘Fragments (E1M1 Mix)’ - Mike Norvak, featuring Kaula Kani

  • ‘Attacked’ - TweakerRay

  • ‘Ritualistic Sacrifice (Demo)’ - Illwhyrin 

  •  ‘Onward & Upward’ -  Our Star Is Dying

  •  ‘Surveillance of the Mind’ - Mitch Cutler (Vashima)

  • ‘The Cyber Den Theme (Hyperion Remix by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr)’ - Lee Jackson

“‘Full Mag’ was inspired by video game movie soundtracks of the nineties, which compiled B-sides, exclusive tracks and the like from big-name bands. After commissioning a track for a few of E1M1’s trailers, I decided to reach out to the members of the throwback community to see if anyone would be interested in donating tracks to an album akin to these compilations of yesteryear. The response, as you can see, was phenomenal, and the music on this album perfectly shows how passionate and talented our awesome fans are.”

-- Jake 'The Voice' Parr - Project Coordinator, E1M1 Co-Creator and Lead Editor

Cover art by TweakerRay.

Full Mag - E1M1 Magazine Album