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RESYNC is a remix album, featuring rearranged versions of tracks from James 'Jimmy' Paddock's debut solo album DESYNC. It features 7 remixes (alongside 5 instrumental versions) created by E1M1 co-creator Jake 'The Voice' Parr.

James Paddock is best known in the boomer shooter community for his MIDI conpositions for Prodeus, SIGIL, The Adventures of Square, and much more. Support the artist by buying the album and his other music >>> HERE <<<.


1 - Another Land (Outlander Mix)
2 - Moment of Truth (Revelation Mix)
3 - Resolve (Slow Burn)
4 - We Should Know Better (Opened Eyes Mix)*

5 - Colour Never Hurt (Unity Mix)*

6 - Deeper Than Blue (Orchestral Version, feat. Mikell Dover)*

7 - Taken (Papercut Dub)*

8 - Moment of Truth (Revelation Instrumental Mix)

9 - We Should Know Better (Opened Eyes Instrumental Mix)*

10 - Taken (Papercut Instrumental Dub)*

11 - Another Land (Outlander Instrumental Mix)
12 - Colour Never Hurt (Unity Instrumental Mix)*

A '*' denotes a new mix added to this upgraded Deluxe Edition.

RESYNC - Deluxe Edition

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