“After producing two albums filled with community-made songs inspired by first-person shooters, and, in the midst of our third fundraiser, we promised a remix album as a stretch goal. All of the tracks were remixed single-handedly - samples were manipulated, instruments were reshuffled, and some previously released versions were extended in length. We hope this bonus release offers some fresh and exciting twists for the fans and original composers to enjoy.”

-- Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr, E1M1 Magazine Co-Creator & Lead Editor


All tracks remixed by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr.

Album cover artwork designed by ExaltedArchvile.




  1. 'They Just Keep Coming! (Counterattack Remix)' - Fredrik Rojas

  2. 'Manipulator (Last Stand Extended Remix)' - XENOBEAT

  3. 'Animated Inanimate (Cheogh's Club Banger Remix) - Agent Ataraxia

  4. 'Ctrl/Alt/Del (Industrial Nightmare Remix)' - ZLEAP

  5. 'Demo Disc (Shareware Remix)' - PRIMEVAL

  6. 'They Just Keep Coming! (Counterattack Extended Remix)' - Fredrik Rojas

  7. 'Not a Violent Fluid (Version)' - Jake 'The Voice' Parr

  8. 'Manipulator (Heavy Mettle Remix)' - XENOBEAT

  9. 'Glass And Steel (Remix No. 1)' - Agent Ataraxia

  10. 'Ctrl/Alt/Del (Dumb & Bass Remix)' - ZLEAP

  11. 'The Cyber Den Theme (Hyperion And On And On Remix)' - Lee Jackson

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